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What is the GPSD?

The General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) applies to products when there is no other specific EU law for that product. In other words, the main purpose of the GPSD is making sure that products are safe also when no other directive or regulation is designed for them.

 Do products covered under the GPSD need the CE marking? 

Products covered under the General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC do not carry the CE marking. In this sense, the manufacturer has to make sure to comply with the applicable standards for each product at EU as well as national level. Thus, compliance with the applicable standards as well as the general safety requirements  of the GPSD and other requirements (such as the designation of a European Authorised Representative -EAR) allow the manufacturer to consider its product compliant and place it on the EU market.    EU national requirements may also apply.

   What is the LVD?

The LVD is the EU Low Voltage Directive. It applies to electrical equipment with certain voltage limits. Its purpose is to protect from health and safety risks of electrical equipment. It covers products such as appliances, cables, chargers, laser equipment, etc. 

What are the main requirements for products covered under the LVD?

Products covered under the Low Voltage Directive must follow the compliance path stated under Article 8 and Annex III. This requires that the manufacturer can provide appropriate technical documentation and follow several requirements on the manufacturing process. Furthermore, a European Authorised Representative (EAR) is necessary to be able to place the LVD devices on the EU market. Additionally, LVD equipment shall carry the CE Marking. 

Eventually, national requirements may be applicable on top of the requirements set in the Low Voltage Directive.